The Heartland Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Alumni Association is group who worked in Japan on the JET program and meet on a monthly basis to promote the JET program and Japanese culture in the Midwest of the United States. HJETAA assists returning JETs to acclimate life in the Midwest and develop or strengthen ties with the Japanese community in their areas.

When does someone become a member of Heartland JETAA and how does that happen?

Please note: Membership to HJETAA is limited to former Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme participants. Many of our events, however, are open to all.
Once your contact information is received by Heartland JETAA, you are considered a member. If you have just returned or have recently moved, please fill out our membership form.

This information is used exclusively for Heartland JETAA and is not sold or given out to any other organizations.

What area does Heartland JETAA cover?

While the main chapter is based in Kansas City, Missouri, Heartland JETAA covers North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

Heartland JETAA covers so many states, but how can I help if I don’t live in Kansas City, Missouri?

In order to support our goals of providing services to all of our members, we need your help! If you live outside of the city and would like to organize events for your area, let us know. The Japanese community would appreciate the outreach, and CLAIR would be impressed with our efforts.

If you’re interested in participating in more local events, reach out to your area’s sub-chapter representative on the officers page. If your area does not currently have a sub-chapter and you are interested in starting or joining one, please reach out to the main chapter’s president.

For information regarding our meetings, check out the events page on this website or our Facebook page.

We do realize that some of you can’t make it into the city on a weekday evening, so we are prepared to address your contributions through email. Please click here to contact us directly.